Friday, August 20, 2010


Seriously kids.  What a rough couple of weeks!  But lets not dwell on that.  TGIF!  TG I'm Cutting Out Of Work Early To Avoid Traffic! Traffic is a way of life in SoCal and avoiding traffic is an art form. I don't know if everyone is trying to cram everything into the last bit of summer remaining or what, because traffic has been noticeably horrendous this week. Which is sayin' somethin'.  If you read Crazy Aunt Purl, you have visual evidence of what traffic in Southern California is like.  10 lane freeways resemble mall parking lots. This week was so bad (How bad was it?!) It was so bad that Chris took the toll road home every day of his own free will.  Now, that is some traffic people. It incites obscure references to 40 year old game shows and mental images of Gene Rayburn and Brett Somers.

Also, Thank God for our Hi-Time Wine of the Month club membership. I couldn't have survived the last few months without you...