Thursday, May 5, 2011

I want socks too!

So I thought since the twinkle toes socks for Chris' mom went so well that my bad sock karma was over.  I mean, I knit 2 perfect socks that the color change was within 3 stitches.  3 STITCHES!  So I decided to knit myself some socks.  My mom gave me the most beautiful yarn.  Fiber Optics Yarns Kashmir in Weapon Grade (the color isn't listed on the page, I'm not sure why, it's fantastic). Think retina-searing purple.  I cast on the Twist of Fate socks.  I was stoked.  Then I learned how to do an Estonian cast on, and it was BEAUTIFUL.  Then I did it again because the was one place in the cast on where my tension was off and it looked funny.  Then I got to the set up row and made a mistake which I didn't notice until I was to row 2 of the chart.  ROW 2!  So it took a dip in the frog pond.  A repeat of the Estonian cast on, complete with do-over for a tension issue again.  Then I made it to row 3 of the chart before I noticed a mistake and I tinked that sucker clear back to the set up row (again) where I had made the mistake (again).  I proceeded to knit each row of that chart where I had to tink back on every row until I reached row 7.  Then I realized that this might require A) more concentration that I was giving it and B) actually counting each repeat of the chart to make sure I didn't make any mistakes while it was close by and I only had to tink a few stitches.  Some people just don't learn easily.  But, so totally worth it!

Beautiful.  But the color in that picture is wrong.  Remember I said retina-searing purple.  So soft, so purple, SQUEE!

Apparently I am able to easily knit socks for other people, just not myself.  Life is SO not fair....