Thursday, June 24, 2010

I survived "The Death"...I hope....

That's right mother (whom I love dearly) gave me "The Death". I have been seriously ill for over a week. I have blown through (haha, get it, "blown" through) an ENTIRE box of Anti-Viral Kleenex in 2 days! That's 112 tissues in 2 days people. I was sick enough that I haven't touched my shawl and trust me, that's really sick because I am super stoked about this shawl. The yarn is beautiful and I love the pattern. I haven't gotten to the actual lace part yet, but here's a picture.

I am NOT the world's best photographer and trying to get it all stretched out nice on the circular needles in my current Dayquil-ed state wasn't going to happen. Same with finding a light source that made the colors show up accurately. But trust me, this thing is going to be awesome.

I am adding my own "special" touch to the pattern...I know, I know! I can't just leave a fantastic pattern alone. But BEADS! I wanted to add beads to this beautiful creation. I don't know why, but I felt like beads. So before I caught "The Death" I went to Michaels to get some beads. But I couldn't decide on a color or style, so I bought 3 packages and decided when the time came that one would speak to me. It turns out it did because only 1 of the beads actually fits on the yarn. The other 2 are for super fine lace yarns or making jewelry because they are tiiiiiny. But they will get used for some other project at some point. Now I just need to decide where exactly to put the beads. I added them to the chart in a way that I think will look right and didn't require me to entirely re-chart the whole thing. But I am in a pretty constant state of befuddled Dayquil-ness so who knows. Cross your fingers and I will keep you posted with the results!

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