Monday, September 20, 2010

And back to our regularly scheduled programming

I know I haven't mentioned my knitting on here in forever, or really even written one of these in like a month.  I've had some health trouble (beyond those stupid midwest germs!) which means my knitting has been either fast and furious or not at all.  And blogging didn't make the list of things that absolutely had to get done, so it didn't.

I finished the traveling woman shawl except for blocking, but lets be honest, that's not going to happen for awhile.  I just can't seem to take a decent picture of it :

I also finished a baby kimono for my friend Tammy that is expecting a little girl in November:

The yarn is Plymouth Yarn Dreambaby DK Prints in color 203. I used a kumihimo loom to make the ties and it worked out super cute!

Now I am working on a top for myself!  I started out using a pattern, but in my typical fashion started winging it about 1/4th of the way in.  I'm using Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport Multi in Happy Valley.  I absolutely love it!  This yarn is incredible and the colors are gorgeous!!  If I have enough left over I am going to make a matching headband/headscarf to go with it.  I LOVE IT!

I'm sorry the pictures are weird.  Technology is not cooperating.  Speaking of not cooperating...

I am knitting a scarf for the 2012 Super Bowl and I have torn it out and started it 5 times!  Sheesh.  I just can't quite get the pattern that is in my head to work out in the yarn.  Hopefully eventually!  So now I think we are all caught up on my knitting and hopefully we have this train back on the tracks!


  1. Hooray for finished objects & even beautiful UFO's. I know you will get that Super Bowl scarf pattern figured out in no are "The Neuro Knitter"!!!

  2. I love the knitting you have accomplished and the projects you are currently knitting. Great idea to use the Kumihimo ties.