Sunday, July 25, 2010

Me minus coffee = grouchy

I'm a scientist. I experiment. Occasionally on myself. Like today, I woke up and had the brilliant idea to skip the coffee. I decided to go without coffee for several reasons. First being laziness. Another being that I have had trouble falling asleep. I lay there worrying about work stuff, which is definitely worse than working. I have also been having really colorful strange dreams. Many of them involving airports.... go figure. So I decided than rather than the obvious cause (WORK!) that going without coffee would make me less grouchy/twitchy/cranky and help me get to sleep faster. As it turns out, it made me uber grouchy, crazy twitchy and OH LAWDY ME the cranky! I have been a twitchy emo mess all day. I feel like all of my nerve endings are spazzing out. Very unpleasant side effects. Conclusion: MAKE THE STUPID COFFEE.

On a related note: I'm bottling the rest of my harrowing airport adventures way down deep inside where they can't manifest themselves as Technicolor dreams for me all night. Airport nightmares are supposed to stay in the literal world and not become ACTUAL nightmares. They are therefore relegated to daylight hours only.

As you could no doubt guess, coffee is kinda important around here. I have a fancy schmancy coffee pot that you set a timer and wake up to coffee first thing in the morning. This is brilliant! Unfortunately, we are not so good at setting the coffee before bed on the weekends. Thus, no coffee awaiting me before work this morning, it being Saturday and all. If you are interested: This is my home coffee pot.  This is my work coffee pot, except mine is white. I signed up to get the pods from Amazon with their Subscribe and save option. As important as coffee is, I have trouble remembering that I need to buy work coffee. Home coffee is already delivered to my door from a coffee company. I now place my caffeine deprived self in the hands of others to make sure I never run out. Now I have someone else to blame! I almost feel sorry for them...

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