Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Blarg of Ravelympic Proportions!

It was my day. My warm-up had gone perfectly. I was flying down the mountain, the wind in my hair, the snow on my face. I was invincible. I was rounding the last purl, my ends were woven in. All I had to do was pose for the victory photo as I crossed the line. I could smell the podium, taste the gold! I pull the first sock on.....SNAP! Disaster strikes. The bind off was too tight and the yarn broke in 3 different places and was unraveling before my eyes. My Ravelympic hopes lay dashed beside me amongst the little tufts of broken yarn.

I called my coach, hoping for some advice before I had to complete the second run. She had spent too much time at the "Mitchell Mansion" soaking up the rockstar status given to Ravelympic medalists. I utter a small prayer that no incriminating photos surface tomorrow forcing her to be sent home early and retake the seminar on how to behave like an ambassador for Mitchell Nation.

I was on my own.

I open my Knitting Answer Book to find a looser bind off that is sturdy enough for socks. It recommends the yarn over bind off. I undo the bind off from the intact sock and meticulously slide the loops back onto my needles. I complete the new bind off. I carefully test the stretchitude- it seems sound. I cautiously slide the sock onto my foot....Success! It fits perfectly and no breakage!

My spirits lift. I can do this. I can pick myself up and come back from this fall. I can complete the Ravelympic dream!

I carefully look over the damaged sock. Only 1 of the breaks occurred in the bind off, the other 2 were in the ribbing. I painstakingly remove the bind off from the break around to the first break in the ribbing, sliding the stitches onto my needles as I go. I reach the first break. As gingerly as if I was disarming a bomb, I slowly release the broken thread and wind a new piece through. I gently use my crochet hook to bring this new thread up vertically to the top.

Whew, 1 down, 1 to go.

Again, I work my away around to the next break undoing the bind off and slipping the stitches onto my needles. I reach the second break. Warily, I remove the broken yarn and replace it with fresh piece making sure to secure the loose ends. Up to the top I go and I'm home free! I use the yarn over bind off and it's time for the moment of truth!

Nervously, I remove the store-bought monstrosity currently adorning my foot. I slide the repaired sock over my toes. I am rapidly approaching the site of my previous fall from grace. With a deep breath I crest the heel and VICTORY! I have lived the true Ravelympic story, overcoming massive odds to snatch glory and another medal for the Mitchell Nation.


  1. I love this. You add such fun to my knitting.

  2. Stopped by after reading your post on the Ravelympics page.

    Hilarious blog post! I'm glad you were able to get the sock finished and fixed. You deserve your medal :)