Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Swans are known for their maneuverability

I should open this by saying, I am a nerd and I study Neurobiology. This blog will be about the nerdy things I knit and the nerdy comments made while I'm knitting them. I tend to knit in the living room while the nerds I live with play Xbox.

I am currently knitting a Space Invaders scarf.

This project is double knit, so the back side is actually the inverse of the front. Pretty cool.
The boys are currently playing through Lego Batman. Therein lies the title of trying to drive a swan. It's part of the game. It also leads to such gems as "You are probably immune to fire." Welcome to my life.
Anyway, I hope this blog is a little bit helpful, a whole lot nerdy and even more fun!

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