Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Girlfriend's Review of Sherlock Holmes versus Jack the Ripper

I'd like to start with several disclaimers.  These are my opinions of a video game as I see it from my chair while knitting in the vicinity of this game being played. My opinion probably won't match anyone else's in the world, and that's good.  Also, I am not being paid for this opinion.  I am just writing for amusement.  I did not play this game.  This review will contain no mention of 'floaty controls' or 'last-gen graphics'.  It likely will discuss pretty colors and voice acting.

Sherlock Holmes versus Jack the Ripper

I really thoroughly enjoyed this game.  I had my doubts.  Chris and I had multiple discussions about the meanings of 'historical fiction' and its implications for the ending of this game.  I won't tell you what happens, but I will say that it satisfied all parties involved in those discussions.

This game was fun to be around.  I loved the little puzzles within the game.  I LOVED the deduction board and piecing together clues to solve the mysteries.  I have recently read the Sherlock Holmes series for the first time (thank you Kindle app on my phone).  I was endlessly amused at the way the game made subtle reference to many of the things that happened in the short stories and incorporated them into the plot of the game.

I was also really surprised at the way the game handled a pretty gruesome set of murders without an over-abundance of blood-flinging gore (I'm lookin' at you Dragon Age).  It handled references to prostitution without unnecessary nudity (cough Dante's Inferno cough).  It didn't side-step venereal disease or racial hatred.  In all the whole thing was very tastefully done and pretty accurate to both the real-life murders by Jack the Ripper and the literary world of Sherlock Holmes.

This game is entirely girlfriend friendly.  No gore, no boobs and plenty of chances to play along without a controller.  I like being able to chime in with a "Did you try this?" or "What if you do that?". It's easy to follow the story without being in the room every single minute of the game-play.  My only complaint was the voice acting.  Not the best I've heard, but easily overlooked considering the no boobs mentioned above. Turns out I give bonus points for 'no boobs'.  

9.5 out of 10.

Edited to add: This makes it seem like Chris plays a lot of games with an over-abundance of boobs.  This is not exactly true or his fault.  Video game designers seem to think their target audience is hormone-drunk 15 year old boys and maybe they are right, but I doubt it.  Even respectable female characters in a respectable video game will have melons the size of, well, melons. Also, video game designers may not know the exact female anatomy of a real human boob.  I am still fairly young and these games have me questioning both the perkiness of my boobs and the location of my nipples.  I choose to believe that I am anatomically correct and these characters were drawn by lusty 15 year olds.  Don't tell me if I'm wrong, I'd rather not know.

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