Friday, April 1, 2011


I need a good karma-cleanse.  Desperately.  Any good ideas?

I have had a mysterious illness that no amount of blood-letting seems to help.  Don't try to tell me doctors have stopped this archaic practice. My right arm will beg to differ. They just use syringes instead of leeches.

Then I get summoned for jury duty.  AGAIN!  I swore that it had been less than a year since my last summons and dug out the paper and.... it was a year ago in December.  Not even close.

A measly 2 hours later my netbook died.  The screen cracked right before my very eyes.  No amount of explaining could convince Chris that I hadn't dropped, hit or stepped on the netbook.  I am me.  He knows me, he lives with me.  And while electronics frequently self-destruct in my presence, somehow this was something I had done.  He watches me walk into walls and furniture daily.  I had obviously dropped it and didn't want to admit it.  He ordered a replacement screen and when he went to install it, there was a bad wire that had shorted out and fried the screen.  Redemption was bittersweet as we hunted for a new netbook.

I thought I had a perfect karma-cleanse all lined up.  I dug out my Colts scarf and decided to restart it for the 6th time .  This time I had a great pattern, but it was still a bust.  The yarn I'm using sucks.  I hate it.  Instantly my hands dry out.  My fingers actually split open and bled where the yarn was tensioned over my fingers.  I think they spun fiberglass in with the wool.  So even though it looks like this on one side:

and this on the other:

I just can't continue.  Maybe I will tear it out (again) and wash the whole kit and caboodle and try again.  Maybe I will just send it to my Mom and be done with it.  Find a different yarn to knit this awesome pattern with.  Suggestions?

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  1. Maybe you should just "TAKE" that yarn to your Mom...some time at home might help your Karma. If that just isn't possible.......maybe she can come get it? As a last resort......I suppose washing it might help. The pattern is entirely too beautiful to abandon it altogether!