Monday, May 10, 2010

Gather your party and venture forth

Where does time go? I feel like the days just fly by! I've been working on a tea towel set to give to my significant other's mom for her birthday later this month. I finished it up and added some coasters in to match. It's super cute! As always there are a couple of things that I wish I had tweaked in the pattern, but it was too late to do anything about it by the time I figured it out. Luckily, she is not a knitter and he says she will never notice because he can't figure out what I'm talking about.

Things seem to be crazy busy right now for everyone you talk to- regardless of age, rank or station. It kinda makes you wonder if it's something in the air. Or maybe everyone wants to get everything done before summer fun-time starts. Whatever the reason, I have spent more time running from this meeting to that meeting over the last few weeks. It's hard to keep my head on straight, let alone get any actual thesis research done. Thank heavens for portable hobbies. I have an entrelac sock in my purse for those few minutes between meetings when I need to take a deep breath and knititate for awhile.

Those of you with keen eyesight will notice my bag of emergency chocolate in the top right corner. Caramel filled milk chocolate Ghirardelli Squares. YUMMY! I like it when the good chocolate is on sale.

For now it's back to knitting and chocolate and forgetting for a few minutes that I have more meetings tomorrow....and a lecture to write for Wednesday....and.......sigh [opens another chocolate square].

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